Buckinghamshire Building Society

Buckinghamshire Building Society approach each case individually and manually underwrite rather than credit score to offer a quick decision in principle for complex/unusual lending scenarios

Manually reviewed cases taking all circumstances into account

  • Suitabilty and affordabilty
  • Up to 4 applicants on a mortgage
  • No credit scoring at DIP, credit searches carried out at application
  • No maximum age limit (BTL or Residential)

A Flexible approach means each case can be considered on

  • Capital Raising (excluding new business start ups or speculative investments)
  • Interest Only options including: downsizing as strategy (subject to criteria)
  • Unusual properties inc. large acreage, multi properties on 1 title
  • No percentage of debt to income when raising for debt consolidation (case-by-case basis - must have not consolidated in the last 2 years)
  • Properties with resale age restrictions (maximum 50% LTV)

All types of income considered when assessing affordability

  • Contractors and Self-employed
  • All UK income including pensions, investments and trusts can be considered up to 100%
  • Sale of property acceptable as a repayment vehicle (criteria will apply)
  • Gifted equity from close family member accepted, so long as they do not remain in the property
  • Re-assignments max 80% LTV (provided the vendor has no relationship with the applicant, access to property for valuation and no original build incentives)

Some of Buckinghamshire's most popular products include:

  • Contractor products up to 95% LTV for purchases and 90% for remortgages - product also allows payment holidays
  • BTLs no max age and no minimum property ownership

To discuss Buckinghamshire Building Society, call the sales team on 01403 272625 or email us at sales.team@impactsf.co.uk.