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Similar to our RDI proposition, you can refer your client to Impact Packaging and not miss out on potential income. On a successful application that completes, we will pay you up to 40% of the lenders procuration fee.

What is Equity Release?

It is a potential way for homeowners aged over 55 years to raise cash without moving home.

Equity release provides a valuable option for people in retirement who may be wishing to consolidate debt or to provide additional income. But it must always be considered alongside other financial options in the light of individual circumstances.

There are 2 types of equity release:

  • Lifetime Mortgage – where a mortgage is charged against the property but interest is accrued and compounded (i.e. the debt increases year on year).

  • Home Reversion – where you sell all or part of your interest in the property for a cash sum but remain living in the property as a life tenant(s).

The above is a broad oversight of what is possible but if it is a concept you wish to explore on behalf of your client contact Impact Packaging.

The initial amount of cash available is calculated as a function of the applicant’s age relative to the value of the property e.g. a borrower aged 56 may be able to borrow a maximum of 22.5% of the property value where as an applicant aged 74 may be able to borrow up to 41.5%. These figures are a guide only and for joint borrowers will be different based again on ages.

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