Family Building Society

Family Building Society

Family Building Society was launched to help families work together to use their money and assets more successfully.. You can access the Family Mortgage, Retirement Lifestyle Booster mortgage and Offset Mortgage through Impact Packaging in just the same way as you did for National Counties products.

  • High quality, reliable service
  • Dedicated underwriting department
  • Personalised lending decisions. Credit searching not credit scoring
  • Competetive procuration fees
  • No linked products
  • No overhanging ERCs

Call us to ask about Family Building Society's range of mortgage products, including Owner Occupier, Buy to Let and their specialist range:

  • Family Mortgage - brings wider family wealth into the mortgage calculation, helping to reduce the cost for the buyer without asking family memeber to hand assets over as a gift
  • Retirement Lifestyle Booster Mortgage - to provide practical help for customers who are 60 or over and whose finances could do with a boosteach and every month
  • Offset Mortgage - for people wanting to make better use of their savings while keeping their money available for other purposes
  • Self-employed (1 year self-assessment)
  • Retired Applicants (mortgage term may be limited)
  • Interest Only (with suitable repayment strategies)
  • Guarantor mortgage
  • Holiday Homes
  • Second Homes
  • Ex-Pat mortgages
  • Armed Forces

For more details contact our sales team on 01403 272625