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“with a highly experienced team of specialist mortgage consultants, it makes sense to speak to AToM.”

AToM Packaged Sales Team

AToM Sales is the fast track processing arm of AToM for all directly authorised and approved Intermediaries who have pre-sourced their client’s application, submit applications via our website, post, sourcing systems or who require assistance in researching cases.

We have a team of experienced Mortgage Sales Consultants available every day to assist you, whatever your client’s circumstances:

Buy to Let - With house prices decreasing, there’s no better time to “grab” a bargain. Second properties are a great way to:

Plan for retirement - Many people in the UK may not have planned sufficiently for their retirement. Also there are a large number of pensions and endowments which may fail to perform to target or pay out as originally expected. As a result more and more people are purchasing property to let as a flexible and controllable means of planning for retirement and for a medium to long-term investment.

Letting as a long term investment - With repayment terms ranging from 5 to 30 years, many people see Buy to Lets as a viable long-term alternative to traditional investment vehicles.

A second income from property - By investing in property a modest monthly return over and above the mortgage payments can be drawn as additional income or (with a flexible loan) can be used to “overpay” the mortgage. This can lead to early redemption and a potential profit once the mortgage debt has been re-paid.

As a packager/distributor, AToM has access to many Buy to Let options, including exclusive products with a refund of valuation.

Remortgaging - It is estimated that 60% of all mortgage borrowers are currently paying too much for their mortgage! Whether your clients are seeking to raise funds to pay off debts, to purchase a second property, to pay for a new car or simply to obtain a better interest rate, AToM can help. The AToM lender panel can provide remortgage funding for any legal purpose (including fee-free options*). Our specialist consultants can advise on all aspects of the remortgage process.

The bank of Mum & Dad? - With the step onto the property ladder becoming tougher and tougher, First Time Buyers are turning to Mum and Dad to assist. AToM has access to many providers who can review these types of circumstances with options such as ‘guarantor’ mortgages. Such an example allows the lender to comfortably lend to the First Time Buyers, whilst securing their loan by allocating a ‘charge’ to the parents property or income.

Credit Problems? - AToM has lenders who will lend to those who have had credit problems, such as CCJs, defaults, IVA’s or even bankruptcy. Although some what less proactive, lenders do still have an appetite for this arena!

To find out more, please call 01403 27 26 25

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