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Blemain via AToM

NEWS - AToM are delighted to offer the Bridge to Let product with Precise Mortgages.Precise and AToM
Bridging can be used for a number of reasons, such as meeting tight transaction deadlines, chain-break finance, auction properties, property refurbishments and more. Precise have launched a superb product that allows all of these with the option of switching to a Buy to Let mortgage option after four months, at a decent rate. Whether Prime or Near Prime, we may be able to help.
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NEWS - See our latest Bridging / Short Term Lending update by clicking here to download.






NEWS - AToM are delighted to have been selected for the strategic partner programme based on the particularly high quality of applications presented toShawbrook Strategic Partner - AToM Shawbrook.The announcement coincides with the release of 13 tailored loan products which each of the strategic partners will have access to ahead of Shawbrook’s wider network of broker partners. The products cover a range of sectors, including residential investment property, commercial investment property and trading businesses.. Please call for more information or click here to download the quick reference guide.

NEWS - AToM appointed as Preferred Partner for Short Term Lending with Omni Capital. Call for more information.

NEWS - AToM Premier Bridging’ is launched - a new service offering to intermediaries who require assistance in the Bridging/Short Term Lending(STL) arena. We are providing an opportunity for intermediaries to instruct AToM to deal directly with customers to guide them through the plethora of Bridging/STL offerings and process in the knowledge that AToM will seek out the right deal to match the customer's specific requirements. In handing cases off, this opportunity can create a potentially lucrative income stream, whilst at the same time, leaving you to concentrate on other business opportunities. We understand the need to respect the relationship that you have built up with your customers and we continue, unreservedly, to offer a 100% no cross sell guarantee. AToM’s qualified staff will liaise directly with the customer, guide them through the various STL offerings and process their application through to completion.  The intermediary will receive a competitive introductory fee when the case has completed. Let’s work together on Bridging/Short Term Lending.


Possible reasons to use Bridging Finance/Short Term Lending:

Chain Break Finance

Purpose – allows client to purchase whilst still trying to sell property

When the chain breaks or the customer has not yet sold their property but found one they have fallen in love with, bridging finance may enable them to complete on the purchase before they have sold their existing property.

Credit Repair (commercial & residential)

Purpose – allows client time to repair credit status

A loan to take your client out of the focused eye of the mortgage market and give them a period of grace so that they can manage their affairs in a proper manner and then relaunch themselves back in the mortgage world when they have their position under control. Can consider heavy adverse.

Daylight Bridging Finance

Purpose- to enable a client to re-mortgage day one.

A one day loan to enable a clients solicitors to confirm title prior to drawing down a re-mortgage.

Cash-buyer Status

Purpose – effectively positions client as “cash buyer”

A loan agreed and formalised within 24 hours to enable clients to negotiate significant reductions in the purchase price of properties for quick completions.

Funding Undervalue Purchases

Purpose – to maximise the gearing in a property transaction

A loan based on the actual value of a property and not the purchase price. Thus, a client has the ability to borrow up to 100% of the cost of a property (subject to valuation) and then re-finance the transaction out using a traditional lender.

Refurbishment Facility

Purpose – allows client to buy and refurbish property quickly

A loan to support your client with the purchase of a property and then undertake the refurbishment before it is eventually presented to a mortgage company or bank for long term finance or sale. With a buy to let mortgage in place the client is then able to maximise the amount of the buy to let mortgage due to the fact that it is a simple “refinance”
and so the original discounted purchase price is not a factor.

Inheritance Tax Management

Purpose – allows client to pay IT to access estate

A loan to get round this classic “chicken and egg” situation whereby a client will need to pay the IT before they can have access to the inherited estate.

Auction Purchase

Purpose – provides finance for the buyer to purchase at Auction

Funding can be easily arranged within the typical 28 day auction timescale

Credit Consolidation

Purpose – allows a client with sufficient equity to clear unsecured credit prior to re-mortgage.

A loan to refinance all unsecured credit to address immediate serviceability issues and allow easy re-mortgage.

Professional Bridge Finance

Purpose – provides funds to professional clients

A loan to professionals (doctors, dentists, solicitors, accounts etc) who have experienced a short term cash flow problem. This facility is very quick, easy and cost effective but also discrete and totally confidential (no references will be requested).

Divorce Settlement

Purpose – releases equity and facilitates separation

A loan to release equity and allow two parties to complete their divorce settlement and all related professional costs and start their new lives immediately. The Broker can then re-mortgage the clients.

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