AToM Abroad

AToM Abroad are offering a comprehensive service for your customers if they are an Expatriate or a non-UK National wishing to purchase or remortgage a property in the UK.

We can provide a host of lenders that do not restrict themselves based on geographic location but will look at each case by it’s own merits and will approve mortgages depending on the applicant/s, their needs and own individual circumstances.

AToM Abroad

AToM Abroad can arrange a mortgage for an ExPat residing in many different countries.

Customers do not necessarily have to work for a multi national company and self employed can be considered if an internationally recognised accountant is used.

However, all scenarios can be considered.

For further information, please submit an enquiry via AToM Together or contact us on 01403 27 26 25 or click here to email AToM Abroad.

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